Progressive Sports Betting Systems – Part Two

If you look closely, you can see that the system had 28 wins and 0 losses for the two month period.

That is also 28 net units won because there was no “juice” paid out for any losers.

I began with a $1,000 bankroll and risked 2% of it as my target win amount.

The reason for this percentage is that if things do progress to a 3rd bet, I would have been risking $97.02 which is about 10% of the total bankroll.

As you can see, things only came down to a C bet six times over the two month period.

This is exactly where sports bettors run into trouble with a progressive system like this.

Sometimes they just don’t have the balls to make that 3rd wager when it is called for.

This can happen when they set their initial target win amount way too high in proportion to their available bankroll.

Notice that I won a total of $560 for the last two months of the 2010 NBA season. That doesn’t sound like a lot but keep in mind I was only betting to win $20 which was 2% of my $1,000 bankroll.

That works out to a 56% ROI over two months.

The individual plays were 28-18 ATS. The truth is that almost any betting system will win with 61% winners!

Although I happened to jump on the SBP system during a really good run, you can see that a progressive system like this could work out with a much lower percentage of winners.

With an overall lower percentage, the number of betting session wins would obviously accumulate at a slower pace.
2013 Sports Betting Professor Update

The Sports Betting Professor NBA system has performed pretty well since the latter part of 2010 (that’s how long I’ve been following and using it).

Below are the past 3 years results for the SBP NBA Original System (not including the NBA playoffs)….

2010-11 70-6 +28 units
2011-12 57-6 +15 units
2012-13 58-8 +2 units

Keep in mind the Won-Lost numbers above are the progression or “betting session” wins and losses as explained further up in this article.

Each time the system loses 3 games in a row, that accounts for 1 progression loss, which amounts to losing 7 units.


The 2012-13 season started off like gangbusters racking up a 44-1 progression record by February 5th. It was up +37 units!

Then the shit hit the fan with 7 progression, or C bet, losses over the remaining two months of the season.

There are of course many different types of progressive betting systems other than the simple “Martingale” that I illustrate here.

In order for a progressive system like this to work there are 2 sets of criteria….

» A way to identify picks that consistently avoids longish losing streaks

» The ability to manage your bankroll and emotions like a monk

As you might guess, the second of the two is the more difficult to master.

My suggestion would be to stay away from progressive betting systems unless you have the required emotional make-up and bankroll discipline.

The truth is that most bettors don’t!

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